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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Busy Saturday

Help!  I'm running out of time to get everything that needs doing done before Christmas !

With rainy, foggy and almost warm weather, it was a good choice to bake, bake, bake and can, can, can. I finally heard my furnace kick in later that night for the first time all day! 

I ended up with a surplus of cranberries so I made two jams. It is so much fun to can when it's not 100 degrees and humid outside. 

It's even better if Jacques Pepin joins in!


It amazes me that all of this activity takes place in such a small space! This is the busiest corner in my kitchen. Everything happens here.


 I made two kinds of cranberry jam. One with pears and one with strawberries and raspberries.

I use a vintage masher tool. It creates a more rustic jam....not too smooth with just the right amount of fruit pieces. It's a good upper arm workout!

 Then simmer, simmer, simmer and taste, taste, taste. Yum!!

I sterilize my jars by washing in soapy water, rinsing and then pouring boiling water in them and swishing. Then, they go in a warm oven.

 Once the water bath is boiling and the jam is the correct consistency, the jars come out and things start to happen quickly.

 Oops! It's always difficult to keep that first jar upright.

Have the area all ready to cool the jars once they are done with the hot water bath. It does help to have Jacques Pepin in the kitchen!

 Later, the jars have to be moved so the cookie baking can take over the table.


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