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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Am I done?


 I'm done with any major rearranging and cleaning!  It's been a long, lonely trip but as of yesterday, all I have to do to get ready for weeks of convalescence is the usual cleaning and laundry that normal people do!

 Not only has the pile of cardboard and furniture parts been removed, but all of those boxes are broken down outside and awaiting recycling. The warm weather we're having made that task not horrible. Use your imagination. There were seven large cardboard boxes next to my potting shed.


And I got a lovely new buffet! I was able to bring up a bin of vintage glassware and I admit to purchasing a set of luncheon and dessert plates -- Fiesta with the Christmas Tree pattern. I have always loved that pattern so I decided to treat myself. 

Part of my post-surgery reading stash.

Every time I look up these stairs, I get a chill. While the entire house was in a shambles, the upstairs was truly torn apart and the contents dispersed or piled high in what was left.

That wardrobe is a children's IKEA product. It is the perfect size for stashing my linens. The bookcase has the contents of two bins that were in the garage. I saved all the good children's books and damn it, I want to see them again vs. chancing having some vermin chewing them!! Remember, the theme of my upstairs has a bit of whimsy to it.


 I thought I had more vintage table cloths than this!  Ha!  Why did that bin seem to overflow? Once I tidy it up a bit, there will be plenty of room and I can even hang some clothing above the shelves if I 
need to. I am amazed to see that I have more room for "stuff."
No. No More Stuff. 

This is the "pass-through" room leading to my son's new bedroom. The dresser was almost empty but now it has clothing in it. There is a wire shelving unit off to the left against the wall that has just two bins of clothing. Otherwise, compared to the pile of stuff in there before I started, this is a miracle.  I see there is a bit of organization that needs to be done with the stuff on top of that dresser. Minor project. At one point, I was almost trapped inside the room with bins and hangers blocking my exit and access to the stairs. It might not be 100% what I would like but it's pretty darn nice. I even found that new area rug in my garage when I hauled in the bins of children's books!
Where did THAT come from?  Ha!

I sketched those portraits of my kids when they were just a couple of months old. Now they are all in new frames that match.
Not sure what is going to happen in this corner but for now, I'm leaving it as a pile of cookbooks with a lamp on top!

The new floral chair in the official guest room.

These are almost the only bins upstairs. Some wool and wrapping paper. Amazing.

My wool projects waiting for me when I'm home recuperating.


Who left those binoculars on the dresser? Ooops.

So where did all of those empty bins go?
They are in the basement. I'm going to sort them and stack them. Maybe some will make it to the garage. Maybe all of them will make it to the garage!! What a nightmare. It never ends!

What does laundry look like in winter? 


I'm lucky because I open the heat vents in the basement so it's like having a huge dryer down there. Even a tired, much-used cottage from 1941 has some amazing things. I would never have thought to have heating vents in my basement. The original lady of the house had a nice hubby I guess.

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