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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Post surgery

I had foot surgery early Tuesday morning. Today, it is Saturday.

Above is a view from my command center. I am renting a knee scooter which allows me to be more mobile. This morning I managed to make coffee for myself and use the beautiful vintage thermos to carry it to my chair. I am greatly enjoying left-over sweet potato pie with real whipped cream and the coffee which is so amazing!  My daughter brought it from Minneapolis. It is such a treat to have good coffee when there aren't many other high points in your day other than planning a trip to the bathroom!

I am slowly getting used to my limitations and am ready to start reading. Up until today, I was more interested in napping and watching TV than in doing anything that took too much thinking.

The weather looks really nice....unusually warm for this time of year?  How would I know. It only LOOKS that way from my perch inside the house.

I was very fortunate to have had my daughter here to get me to and home from the surgery and generally settled in at home.  Getting INSIDE the house was a real challenge but we figured it out. Why does something as simple as scrambled eggs seem like a gourmet meal when you are hungry and can't make it for yourself!!!

My son who lives with me, is helping me out now.

I'm trying not to become a pest and am spreading out my help requests.

Maybe giving someone an opportunity to help you is appreciated?  When we're capable of scooting about without any help, it is difficult for someone to do you a favor.

I'm trying to ween myself from the pain meds. So far, so good.

I feel like I could use a good shower. Maybe a sponge bath tonight in the bathroom sink would be a good alternative. Hmmmm, those are festive pajamas I have on.  Never noticed that before. I hope I still won't have them on when the calendar says December 25th!

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