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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I might need an intervention.

I came home to a shopping hangover.

Oh yeah, I bought those chairs a couple of days ago and that buffet.....

My usual MO since October 10th, when the workmen left, is to come home from work and then work on some part of my project. At first it was painting but lately, it's been hauling stuff and organizing. I can tell I'm closing in on the end because now I'm buying furniture.

Yeah, yeah, buying furniture online that you have to build is probably not great. I hate it. But time is running out and I needed quick fixes.

I drove up my driveway and saw four huge boxes piled up at the back door.  Oh my. What? How? When? I need an intervention?

I am becoming an expert at "rolling" huge, heavy objects.  I rolled the boxes inside and started making furniture. Is there a degree for assembling furniture from China?  I don't even need directions anymore. I know what the parts are and how to use the hardware. Sad.

The chairs are really nice! I was surprised at how quickly they came together and how comfy they are and how nice they look in my Project Room. Today my friend, Amy, emailed me that I needed to stop calling my new room "The new small room that is mine" and give it a name. So it's the Project Room. It's for when I stop my house projects and start doing projects for moi!! Like knitting vs. hauling and hammering.

Meanwhile, back in the living room. It looks like a bloodbath. I must say that the new buffet is not coming together as nicely as those chairs.  I had to give up around 8:00 so I could squeeze in my martini and favorite "bachelor" food:  a frozen pizza. I am looking forward to nightmares tonight.

I am convinced that the only way I can stop doing all of this stuff is to have foot surgery!  Maybe that's why it happened like this. It's so much better than having someone shoot me to put me out of my misery!!

The bachelor dinner: a frozen pizza. And, I ate the whole thing. More fuel for the nightmares to come tonight!

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