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Sunday, September 14, 2014


I've been enjoying not having anything going on at home. There were no workmen here for two days. It seemed like I was on a mini vacation. Two beautiful days without rain.

It was a spectacular weekend.

Saturday, I was honored to have my sisters-in-law stop by for a visit. One was visiting from France and the other lives here. It was a wonderful visit that seemed too short even though it started after lunch and ended around 8:00 p.m.

Sunday (today), I took a bike ride. I had been nursing some sore knees during the past week but the day was sunny and I needed to be on my bike.

I have never had a bad day on the bike trail. There is nothing but happiness when you're biking and people greet each other and often we recognize each other.

Today was one of those days. I was on my way back from my 18 mile short route when 2 younger guys passed me. Soon, we met up again at a crosswalk to a busy street and waited for traffic to pass. We were all smiles because it was a beautiful day and we were doing what we love to do.  Coming toward us were 3 other bikers. One of them asked the guys who were stopped with me:  "Can you keep up with her?"  I looked at them and asked if they meant me?  I chuckled out loud at that crazy idea. That's when I realized that I had seen them before and they recognized me.  Apparently I had a reputation to uphold and took off on my vintage Trek bike leaving the other 2 bikers behind.

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