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Friday, September 12, 2014

Day seven.

A lot has happened. Most of the siding is up. The electrician was here today adding new outlets and lightening the load of some of the other ones throughout the house. Monday (Day 10), they'll be back to update my service. Then I guess we're ready for the first inspection. After that is OK, the drywall can go up and we're pretty close to the finish line. Of course, I have no idea if this is true!

I found this roll of plastic at Goodwill for $2.99.

Room No. 1. I'm pretty sure there will only be one door! 

Room No. 1 inside and all cleaned up.

That outlet on the left is one of two things that make this project worthwhile.....It's my only outlet in the upstairs hallway! I can't wait to put a desk up at the top of the steps to use up that huge landing and have a cozy lamp on it. It's a good thing I have the lamp collection.

And this is the other thing....I will finally have heat in the bathroom!  It will be a heat lamp!  I have one downstairs and it makes things very spa-like.

Room No. 2. The wall that the ladder is propped up against has a ledge or shelf which I LOVE!!  A very cool architectural detail that wasn't necessary but the builder thought it would be nice and it is. Otherwise I would lose 10 inches in that room. Now it will visually appear larger because of that space.

A head on shot of that wall with the shelf. The plumbing access is behind it as is the sewer pipe. I didn't want to move that so this was a great solution.


Room 2 head on.  It is really quite large. It seems larger than the existing bedroom (below).

I am going to get rid of so much stuff when this project is completed. I want to be able to enjoy my new spaces.  That landing is where I see a desk and possibly a bookshelf.  It's a huge, unused space now.

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