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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Catching up

Not much going on during the growing season. 
Now, it's nearly over and harvesting and preserving is starting.

I have a bumper crop of sunflowers. This is amazing because I thought I planted zinnias!

My tomatoes are doing OK. About 1/3 of the plants just shriveled up and died. You can see them on the bottom right (below).  The tomatoes really stand out because there isn't much foliage to hide behind.

I planted zucchinis later this year in hopes of avoiding any insect predators. It worked. For the first time in years, I actually have healthy plants and some squash!

 When you have ripe tomatoes and the weather cooperates (not in the 90s), it's time to can.

 Just picked.

The set up.


The tools.

 The process.

La Fin!

These will be used to can sauce maybe tomorrow.

There is always something going on.
This is my latest project....saving flower seeds for next year.
It has taken over part of my kitchen. That's Martha Stewart's cool cooking show on in the background. She was making cheesecake I think.

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