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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Summer is here

Some early morning shots before the sun gets to the back garden.

I love this geranium. I grew it from a cutting over the winter and now it is really becoming a hearty plant.

Later today I'm going to give some of my bushes a much needed clipping.

A million petunias and nasturtiums grown from seed that was saved from last year's crop.

My latest experiment is trying to avoid the plague of squash bugs by planting the seedlings in clean soil from a bag and in containers up on steps and benches to stay away from the ground.

There is a lot going on in my front bed. I have about 12 pepper plants in here and they seem to be liking it amongst the cosmos, zinnias, other perennials and some sunflowers. 

The back vegetable garden is booming. Everything is doing so well. I am surprised because it seemed like I got a 3-week or so late start this season.

The main tomato garden. I admit to being obsessed with tomatoes.

Beans at the top, beets in the middle and parsnips at the bottom.

Kale, swiss chard, fennel, loads of lettuce above.

A view from the top. Eggplants on the right, a volunteer tomato plant on the bottom and in the top and center middle are two tiny eggplants that survived being left in their seed trays. I'm giving them a chance.

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