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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Tragedy in the land of seedlings

If I get more than a bowl of tomatoes this season, I would consider it a small miracle.

The weather has been nothing short of unfriendly if you're a seedling trying to acclimate yourself to living outsie -- cold and rainy. After a heavy rainstorm two nights ago, I thought I had seen the fallout yesterday but I was wrong. Upon closer examination this morning, I had a tragedy playing out in my backyard. Some of the bins (mini greenhouses) had gotten rain inside even though I had covers on them. About 3 inches of water had sent my cups of seedlings afloat and some tipped over completely. I gasped when I saw it all. But just when I thought there was no hope, the sun came out and I quickly moved all bins to the sun and poured out any water. Let's hope they can survive. And the flats of flower seeds that I planted? It's like they are small pools of water sitting on my patio table. Very sad and disappointing.

In the midst of all this tomato tragedy, there are still some pockets of spring success. I do love my tulips! The cool weather has prolonged their blooming schedule.

Below are what I think are my first "crops." Radishes.

And back to more tulip pornography!!

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