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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

These are the salad days

Is that a phrase? Anyway, I'm referring to days when I come home from work and it's WARM OUTSIDE! I immediately get on my gardening clothes and go outside for a few hours. Today, I planted some of the hundreds of petunias that I grew from seed. I never have a plan. I just garden like an abstract action painter might garden. It's all over the canvas / yard and it never stops being created.

These are the extra-special tulips I was waiting to see. I bought them at the very end of the season last year in Minneapolis. They are lovely. The rabbits ate the green and pink ones I think.

The tiny green things above are the petunia seedlings. Small, no? I could tell that they were loving being in a big space vs. 100 to a tiny cell in the tray. I'm curious to see if they are all pink like their parent plants.

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