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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Those darn passwords

I've been wrestling with the correct email and password that are associated with my blog.

Does it really take having a day off to clear my mind and get the two coordinated so I can post a few pix?


These are retro photos from 5-10-13. That's how long it took me to wrestle with my password/login.....on and off.....for almost 2 weeks!

It has been chilly out there. My tomatoes have been living in mini greenhouses (clear plastic bins) outside for several weeks. That means monitoring the weather to avoid leaving them open when rain is expected, closing them when it's going to be too hot, moving them from shade to sun and back to shade. Puttering.

It was a long wait for these extra fancy tulips to bloom. I was afraid that maybe they had been nibbled by my resident rabbit, Pierre. 

 This is what is left of my big transplant day. It is always hard to just throw the seedlings that don't make the cut into the transplanting phase.

Marigold seedlings.

Petunia seedlings.


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