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Saturday, May 25, 2013

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If there is one thing that is good about a cold Spring, it's that the flowers last longer.

Last weekend, I had a few minutes with nothing to do so I sat down, took a long look at the area right behind my house and realized it looked uninteresting and uninviting. And it's where I do a lot of sitting and outdoor projects like potting of plants. It didn't take long before I got the place redefined and moved some small trees and day lilies and then planted a few hundred of the microscopic petunias to make a little green space that I wanted to be in vs. wanting to avoid. I even moved the hammock out there. I like it and it gives me more to putter with!

More of the "extra special" tulips.

This year, I find myself running out of space in my vegetable garden. After giving this some thought, I decided to mix some pepper plants along with the zinnias in my tulip garden. You can barely see the pepper plants but they are in the middle with the tulips at the top and the zinnias at the bottom center/right. That's how behind we are this year in SE Wisconsin. Tiny seedlings.

I cleared out some renegade common orange day lilies from the iris bed. I'm hoping for a nice iris season this year. Last year was disappointing.

And there they are....again....getting closer to the garden. Tomorrow they might go in the ground. Or at least I'll turn over the soil in the last section of the garden for these tomatoes and eggplants. The flats contain more zinnia and cosmos seedlings. Growing flowers from seeds year after year seemed to work very well. TONS!!!

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