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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Deja Vu

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We needed to fine tune the ceiling project by removing the previous piece of drywall, stuffing insulation in, square / sand the perimeter of the space and determine what combination of boards to cut to leave less area to build up with mud later.

We still don't know why the pattern of screws looks like this. We drew where the center of the studs were and both times, we got the same result! I think the opening was not square with the studs.


We thought ahead about everything this time. How do we keep the insulation up there while screwing in the first piece of drywall? Well, who knew that it would just stay up there because it's full of shards of fluffy fiberglass that catch onto the wood beams! No need for duct tape after all.

Done! Again.
Two pieces of drywall, insulation in place, a little sanding on one edge to be done and some mud to add to even out a few other places. Then, when the weather is cool again and I'm looking for an inside project -- some primer, texture and finally paint the ceiling. Whew. And to think that I put that hole in the ceiling when it was leaking two years ago! Well, I just had to find out where the water was coming from. As one of my helpers today asked during the project as he was about to saw a piece of drywall: "Let's think what can go wrong with this."

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