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Sunday, May 5, 2013

It's here

Spring, that is!

I just came in from hanging some laundry and uncovering the portable greenhouses (clear plastic bins).

Everyone made it through the first night spent outside. It probably wasn't all that much colder than it gets in my house at night.

While I was outside, it reality hit.....I'm behind!

So today I'm putting away the paint brushes and getting on my gardening shoes for some planting.

I have a nice selection of kale, swiss chard, lettuce and radishes that should really go in now. I'm assuming we won't get anymore frost. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Rise and shine!

Let's lift the covers and get some air and a little sun today.

Small but so far they're all surviving living separately and not all crammed into seed cells in flats.

Tulip porn.

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