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Monday, October 15, 2012

October madness

Miscellaneous photos from the end of September and today.

I picked this robust bouquet of flowers and added some tomatoes and peppers.

This is quite the butternut squash from my friend, Bob's, garden. He said it was one of the smaller ones. I named it Timmy the Squash.

 About a week ago, I picked all of the tomatoes I could see and then tore down my garden. They're not going to be like tomatoes ripened on the vine, but better than the ones in the stores. At least I know where these came from!

Lots of work done today. I took a day off from work to put my garden and garage in order. I call it a successful gardening season. However, I will not attempt to grow any squash varieties next year. Unlike Bob, I have not been able to coax any squash out of my garden for two summers. I think that four years ago, when I planted my first squash plants, the squash bugs moved in and they await my new plants every summer. Next year, potatoes will go in their place.

The footwear of choice today. It rained all weekend so I needed these to do my chores.

A mix of autumn colors.

And it's on to the next season.

it's not like I'm ever DONE with gardening. It just relocates. Here I have all of my geraniums and begonias vacationing in a sunny window. There are a few days when conditions are perfect to bring them in. It's when the exterior temp and the interior temp are similar. At my house that mean 58 degrees!

I like geraniums in the house. When you brush up against them, they let their presence known with that special geranium scent. Sort of like tomatoes. 

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