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Sunday, September 23, 2012

September harvest

Time spent questioning the value and deeper meaning of a blog. Blogging vs. becoming a hermit.(

Decided that I would miss photographing so here I am again.

You can be a hermit and still take photos.

My prize of a red pepper. Only one like it. For some reason, I had loads of the small sweet peppers but not many larger ones. Those big yellow globes are eggplants. Can't wait to cut them open to see what's inside. One purple one in the bowl along with some tomatoes I wanted to save from possible frost. The bowl on top is full of tomatoes I picked several days ago.

 Note to self: use begonias again in the shade areas. Look at those dead leaves on the grass. My maple tree is dropping these now. It started weeks ago. Usually they are not this black. Must be a result of the extreme heat and lack of water this summer.

My marigolds finally came through. They are the orange low color area at the top. The sun was blinding this morning. These days, I'm gathering seeds from my flowers that I'll start next spring.

Every morning I am met by these bright and cheerful cosmos. They are so tall they are in my face! It's hard to have a bad day when you see them smiling at you.

 The last gladiola.

The hydrangeas were spectacular this year. The best in six years.

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