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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Gardening for Dummies


Below is a photo of one of my blooming "eggplants" taken this morning.
It's from the Faux Eggplant variety.

 Somehow, way back when I was planting seeds into seed trays, I had a mix-up.
What I thought was a tray of eggplants, was a tray of "Angel's Trumpet." (see photo below)
Thanks to friend, fellow gardener and recipient of a portion of my seedlings, I am now aware of this faux pas. 

It's not like I wasn't wondering about this myself as I saw these trumpets getting substantially larger than their eggplant neighbors. I knew that I had received a few seed pods from a co-worker's own Angel's Trumpets to plant. I remember planting the seeds. However, it all got away from me when it came to using up leftover seeds. I think that's what happened. Yeah, that sounds right.

Other than I won't have the benefit of the biggest eggplants in the world, I guess it's lesson earned. Mark your seed trays because even though you say that you're going to remember what you planted, when the seedlings are only an inch tall, they all really do look alike. Kind of.

Angel's Trumpet from a photo on the internet.

 I admit that I knew I was planting the trumpets in the garden above. 

 And I knew they were trumpets when I planted them in this garden, too. 
I hear they self-seed so I won't be making THIS mistake again!!

  Big news this morning. I woke up to 70 degrees and a strong breeze.!!! I have things like this growing all over what used to be my lawn. It's time to turn off all of the fans, window AC units and get back to living in a peaceful environment vs. in an airport. So much noise!!

The end.

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