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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

It's a hot one

When you get up and open the door of your air conditioned bedroom only to gasp at how hot the rest of the sealed up house is, you know it's gotta be hot outside. At 7:30 it was 81 degrees (outside)...already! It's now 9:00 and it's 88.

Let's see what's happening out there.

I try to keep up with the watering. What money I save in heating bills and antenna TV is going right to electricity (window AC units) and water this year. The best bargain? It's a 5,000 btu window AC unit. Under $100 and even less if you buy one at a store that offers you a huge discount to open a charge card there (which you will never use again). I found another AC-in-a-box at my back door yesterday! It's like Christmas. (Walmart delivers to your door for 97 cents!)

Cucumbers at the bottom up against the fence with yellow blossoms, beans are the dark green area and then the yellow-green area is a beet section and the eggplants are at the top right below/left of the daisy patch.

 The tomatoes love this heat and humidity. I think that I stumbled upon something right for a change when it comes to growing tomatoes. This year, planting them close together has been a good thing because it helps to keep the soil moist longer. So far, no blight. Knocking on wood big time here.


 The eggplants and peppers also enjoy the sauna weather.

 Ever wonder where those lettuce seeds come from? I have a renegade lettuce plant above that survived the winter and grew to about 5+ feet tall and now I see it's flowering and going to seed. Hmmmm, interesting.

 I can't remember what these are. Hollyhocks? I planted the seeds last summer and didn't see much happening but when I weeded my garden in early spring, I noticed some different "weeds" in the bunch and decided to see what they grew into. This is what I have. They really are stately.

 Carrots don't enjoy the heat because it turns the soil into concrete almost every day after the water evaporates. They don't have enough leaves to provide shade over the growing area.

 Tomato cam.

 For the first time, I have some seeds / flowers on an evergreen tree. 

My grass has almost dried up and been replaced by weeds and trees.

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