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Monday, February 13, 2012

Home sick today

This feels like deja vu. I think I had this virus/bug a couple of weeks ago and now it's back. And it's just as bad as the first time it visited me. Definitely an unwelcome guest.

In between delirious naps and coughing fits, I perused some of my favorite blogs today. What I find is that people who are engaged in hard work and a life centered around simple pursuits...there just seems to be a whole lotta' peace.

This is one of my favorite posts from

back at the house i cleaned up the outdoors, treated the chickens and ducks to leafy greens and shared a snack with k. a few minutes later Joe the farmer arrived with a half a cord of wood. this made me happy for two reasons, knowing we will not run out, since i heat the house with it and the fact that i would end the evening stacking wood underneath the moon and a star filled night sky. a weekend that is balanced with things that must be done and things we want to do in the company of people we love. that night as i lay in bed i stared up through the skylight at the moon, she was lovely, i told her things and asked her for a few things, she graciously listened till my eyes grew heavy and closed.

Now back to coughing and nose blowing.

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