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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Livin' the High Life

That High Life includes cheese making and document sorting and relaxation.

Sometimes I feel the need to apologize for my fabulous life. Or maybe "I really like my life" is a better way to say it. Or, how about "I love my at-home life"? I'm glad to be done with last week on a personal as well as on a professional level. Good riddance.

It's all about finding peace in the day-to-day events. I have to admit that having a Saturday that doesn't require any reason to leave the house is a little slice of heaven.

It's cold out, it snowed yesterday, I finished organizing my tax papers and I have a fire in the fireplace tonight while anticipating watching Downton Abbey episodes on my iMac.

The weekend started early. Yesterday there was cheese making going on here along with homemade pizzas, caesar salad and chocolate cake. How can I be hungry now?

Today, it's all about tax document organization, reading and video watching.

I was involved in none of this except clicking my camera. Claire and Jack worked the magic and I was too amazed to do much except the dishes!

Piles of tax documents and receipts to make sense of.

All of those piles end up being one pile right there with the calculator on it.

There are still some papers that need to be burned so I'm going to get a fire going, read, watch some shows on my iMac while still doing emailing on the laptop. My son, Phil, got my iMac to be all nice and wireless. I especially like the mouse. Maybe I like the keyboard. No, I think I REALLY like to type on the keyboard and read it 6 feet away on the screen!

It's good to have experts in the family whether they be electricians, cheese makers or computer experts.

This is the view I'll be enjoying all night....with that warm fire to my right. I just noticed that I also have a TV on. Let's just call it therapy.

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