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Sunday, January 15, 2012

What day is it anyway

The last three days have been a blur brought on by an unending pain in my jaw/ear/eye. An emergency visit to the dentist brought no definitive diagnosis. However, he is on call in case it returns to the raging pain of a day ago. Preliminary possible treatment is a root canal. Yesterday, I remember being a blur as I had gotten only two hours sleep the night before. I guess it's not easy to sleep when you have an ice cube in your mouth to keep the pain down. I went through two trays of ice. Choking was on my mind at all times! I barely remember being the assistant during the kitchen light project. I was asleep by 7:30.

So today is Sunday.

Did you ever look out your window and wonder who has been playing in your yard unnoticed but leaving behind unique sets of tracks? My first thoughts were of wolves and badgers.

Upon closer examination, I found that it was just a party of rabbits! No worries.

As I looked at my garden, I realized that the snow was untouched even though the gate was open and two large bunches of kale were inside. I think they have learned that this is off limits. Funny. I never thought I'd be in the rabbit training biz.

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