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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Gordon Lightfoot

Couldn't wait to get out of work today. The weather was brisk....upper 20s...a clear sky and night was falling fast. With tons of leaves in my yard, time was running out. Why not do some night yard work? I put a flood lamp outside and brought my big CD player with all the Gordon Lightfoot CDs that I own and started in raking and singing and letting my mind wonder.

And the piles are all gone!

Just a few stragglers left up in the big maple tree. I don't get it.....just let go of those branches and get it over with!

Now it's time to relax and enjoy listening to the albums. What a perfect night....daydreaming of that place that is always and forever kind to me....a time when I was 30 or so years younger and maybe a few pounds thinner (!); blonde hair that did what it wanted to do as long as I left it alone and ran my fingers through it; carrying a huge crush on a fellow art and architecture student that lasted so many years until he died; a talented artist who had no idea where it was all leading to. And of course, there was always the music that drove the art....the music I'm listening to tonight. Cheers!

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