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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Did he have a face lift?

I'm talkin' about P. Allen Smith. Is it just me or does it look like his eyebrows are just a tad too high lately? I never really liked him but then I had to stop my martini intake and suddenly, he's OK. Go figure.

Things are really happening now. Here are some squash blossoms. Lots of them. Love that cadmium yellow blossom. I should paint my kitchen this color. And then wear sunglasses.

I have my first snap peas! I thought I had one in this photo but honestly, I don't see it.

What? don't want to look at tomato plants? I am so thrilled because about 95% of them are perfect. No yellow leaves. Tons of blossoms. I keep thinking I'm going to come home to a sea of yellow blotched leaves. Just on the Brandywines. And only a few of those. If only I had labeled my plants. I'm most interested in the Chocolate Cherry variety. I'm assuming that I'll be able to tell them apart from the other varieties.

These are Asiatic lillies that I threw in at some point. I love how they are fighting for the same turf as the daisies. Amidst all of the veggies, I have this little drama going on.

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