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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Rabbit food.

Part of dinner tonight. A basket of chard and kale, the first beets and basil. I splurged tonight and, after wilting everything in the photo, I added some forbidden pasta and a chicken breast. I have to admit that I am rather hopeful about the bounty of the garden this year. The beets were delicious (tiny but tasty) and there are definitely more of them out there. I planted the seeds in a layer of peat moss and this helped keep them under the soil vs. popping up. I have some yellowed leaves on the Brandywine tomatoes. Just the Brandywines. It's possible that because they are heirlooms, they don't have the resistance to disease that some of the other varieties that I planted this year have. Otherwise, the remaining 80 tomato plants (!!!) are lookin' good. The first pea pods are just about ready to pick and tomorrow should reveal some teeny tiny squash. Maybe not tomorrow, but soon. The blossoms have shriveled up and the next phase is the tiny fruit! Can't wait for cucumbers and zucchini and butternut squash. If I'm lucky, I'll be complaining about having too many squash this year.

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