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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sunday--plant watering day.

How does it feel to be me?

(ho ho ho ho)

This morning we had some chores to do. What I call "puttering around the house." 

Of immediate concern to me was straightening the long green candles on the mantle.
My assistant shared his thoughts on that. Even if he was laid up and couldn't get up, he didn't think the candles leaning this or that way would be a concern of his. So right there, we have a difference in the basic needs of life! 

Then, we moved on to watering the plants.

The vases of greens are not only part of the decorations, they will eventually root and become new trees to plant outside in the summer.

I discovered this by accident last year.

Now, it's no's part of the plan.

What I learned this morning is: "puttering" is not universally embraced by everyone.

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