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Monday, December 8, 2014


I "walkered" into the living room, turned on Good Morning America and found out that it's Monday today!  Amazing!  I had no idea what day it was!  And, the Packer's are playing tonight and I completely forgot about that, too!

I might have to slow down time so I can learn to enjoy it more. But there just isn't a lot to enjoy when you have to make plans to do everything and even then, it's done while balancing on one leg. But let's face it, I have great helpers here. I work with amazing friends who brought me some excellent bread, hand-rolled butter, assorted homemade soups, cheese, herring and candy last night!  The wheat bread is excellent toasted by the way. 

Today I will be having soup for lunch.

But getting back to what day it is......I'm astounded that I can be sitting in one room, in one chair for days with antenna TV on all the time and it isn't making me nuts. Yet. But I expect that it will happen soon.

Breakfast is toast on my work stool and coffee on the coffee table. Hey, that must be why they call it a coffee table. That stool is probably about 75 years old. It was made by the dad of one of my college pals. It comes in handy so many times!  It's just the perfect size. I use it for so many things and now it helped me get into the house as my stool that I sat on and then hoisted myself to the next step and then, finally, into the house.

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