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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Day 500

You go Pope Francis!

Just as I was launching my blog to update it, I heard that Pope Francis demoted a conservative Cardinal from the US.  I think he was the one spouting off about his conservative beliefs at the recent shindig in Rome that the Pope called to discuss family life.

I feel like it's too late for me but my hope is that I live long enough to see all of the moronic, conservative men running (almost typed:  ruining) the church are all kicked out.

Back to my project.

I have a To Do list.

One of the items on that list is to patch some cracks in my bathroom so moisture doesn't get behind the paint. Too late. I found that the cracks really aren't cracks in the plaster. They are cracks in the paint. Once you start scraping some of the paint, it keeps going. And I found that I was a tad too late re: the moisture ides. It had already begun.

First I doused the areas in bleach. That's an extra step right there. Better add that to the list. After it all dries thoroughly, I'll put a few coats of KILZ primer up there and finally paint.


Two days ago I cut all the remaining kale and leeks and bagged it all for some tasty, healthy additions to my upcoming meals.

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