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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Back to numbering the days.

But this time, I'm numbering how many days POST project completion. These are the days of putting the house back in order after having everything scattered around.

It's about day 21 of this. The workmen left October 10th so that's about right--21 days. It FEELS like day 100.

The completion of it still involves some moving things around to clean and then replacing them once the room that is being cleaned is all clean! Carpets have been shampooed, rooms painted, furniture moved out and then back again. Bins coming upstairs and then different ones moving downstairs. Curtain rods mounted and curtains hemmed and hung.

My poor back.

I'm down to one room upstairs needing a thorough re-organization and cleaning.  

The official "guest room" is just about done. It has been so much fun decorating that room! It's as if I have been collecting things over the years to use right now.

During this time, the weather has changed. This morning, I woke up to a frosty backyard. The leaves of the huge maple tree are finally dropping. This morning, it was like a rain storm but with leaves falling instead of raindrops.

Frost on the kale, swiss chard and leeks.

Pumpkins have taken the place of flowers in the front yard.

Inside, I have a cookie sheet of sunflower seeds drying out for next spring. 

 The geraniums and my Norfolk Pine have come in for the fall and winter.  

Below are some photos of the guest room. It seems to have a whimsical theme.


A few days ago, I thought the small, new bedroom was done!  But now it's a mess again because it has become the staging room for some things that need homes elsewhere or other projects like clothes racks!

The view is pretty great though!

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