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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Who says having a birthday is depressing?

 Not me!

Even though the big 6 2 doesn't happen until Monday, I spent a great day away from my house project shopping and then having cake and champagne once I got home. My two best pals helped me celebrate.

Wow!  All I can say about this vintage coat is where can I wear it first?  I couldn't believe it when I saw it at the St. Vincent de Paul store....AND IT FITS!!!  Usually, when you find something like this, it's in a teeny tiny size so I never end up with any of the cool things that are real vintage finds.  But not today.  I found this gorgeous cream and white wool, knee-length coat with a white fox fur collar.  It is in perfect condition and it fits!  Did I mention that it fits?  

That it matches my hair doesn't hurt either!  At least I know that my hair color is white fox.

Bob brought cake and Amy brought champagne. 

Gordon Lightfoot was there, too.

I am more excited about my 62nd year than I have been about almost any other.


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