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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Saturday.....the end of week four

Almost nothing went on this week. The drywall is now finished with the sanding and the scraps of it have been removed. That let me go upstairs and vacuum AGAIN and I vacuumed the stairs even though they are 75% covered in the plastic runner. I dusted the railing and anything else I could get at that was irritating me. However, there is still tons of dust in the rooms and it's getting cold outside. Cold enough that maybe I MIGHT entertain thoughts of turning on the furnace for a few minutes but that's not going to happen with all of that dust in the house. It's all over. I have a layer of it throughout the house.  I wash my kitchen floor and the downstairs hall every day.  Oh, and let's not forget that I never know if someone has been IN my house during the day.  I will be glad when the project is over.

Overall, the experience has been pleasant enough.  It's just that anything that puts you out of your routine gets old sooner or later and I am at the later point now.  I'm eager to get everything cleaned and painted and things rearranged into the new rooms.  That will make it all worthwhile.

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