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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Day 15

The workers wrapped up the majority of their work yesterday (Friday) which means that they were here and working for 14 days.....only 14 days!  Amazing.  They hoped to be all done except for gutters outside and trim and doors inside but a discovery was made. The front dormer that was getting a new roof with a deeper pitch had steel siding. It's not readily available so it had to be ordered. They were disappointed.

Owner Aaron Teska and co-worker, Matt. They did the entire project except for a little help early on.

If you look closely, you can see that the window frame is cut with 45 degree angles vs. the straight method on my other windows. It looks so much more "finished." These guys did a great job.

The outside is all cleaned up and I got a big pile of wood scraps for my fireplace. And no, it is not treated lumber. You can't use treated lumber inside because it bleeds through the drywall--I was told.

This is the front dormer that had the roof angle changed so it wasn't that swoop. The gutter now hangs over and away from the wall. Hope this does the trick!

Above is the old roof angle. 

Today I hope to choose my two new ceiling light fixtures. Apparently the two I already purchased at Goodwill for $2.99 each are not worth the $2.99 -- I was told. After spending what I'm spending on the project, why am I spending $2.99 for a light fixture? For the same reason that I'm hoping to find a pair of crutches, a shower chair and a walker for my upcoming foot surgery at Goodwill!

On the good side of that frugality, I already have wool area rugs for the two new rooms and lamps that were thrift finds worth far more than what I paid for them.

Three views from the new rooms above.  Looks like I've got a straight shot at the Strudel home from the south room (first two shots).

The drywall is going up today (Saturday) so it is really moving along.

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