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Thursday, October 25, 2012

The smell of spring

Here in Wisconsin, it has been unusually warm for the last week or so. I had the windows open when a fast approaching rain shower started. When I got closer to the windows to close them, I could smell that unmistakable whiff of spring. The problem is that I won't smell it again until spring of 2013. Bad news.

Shot out the back door. I got wet.

Shot through the screen that is still in the windows over my kitchen sink. Need to put up the storm windows,

Shot through the storm windows looking out at the front yard. The Ginkgo tree dropped all of it's golden leaves in one day. Thud.

Close your eyes. It's a warm day in early May. A sudden rain shower pops up. You run around closing your windows. A whiff of that "smell" hits you. It's like a rare perfume. Especially, if you don't expect to get a another sniff for seven months. OMG. Just shoot me. 

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