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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday starts with a real egg

Ever taste one from a chicken you sort of know? 

I'm not someone who eats a lot of eggs. However, if my chicken-raising friend, Amy, gives me a dozen, I celebrate them by letting the egg become the star at my breakfast table. You don't need much but a little pat of butter, a tiny, tiny bit of salt and a splash of freshly cracked pepper to get a flavor that you haven't tasted in your previously fried eggs....unless you know the chicken who laid those eggs, of course!

I'm also not much of a chicken eater these days. 

Yes, that's 2 slices of bacon on that toasted sprouted bread. 
By the way, if you're interested in low carb alternatives, try sprouted bread. 5 grams of carbs per slice. That means you can have a real sandwich and only have 10 grams of carbs!! So long wraps!!

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