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Friday, May 4, 2012

Tom Rush

Sudden kick in the ass today. It looks like either I did a very good job being a parent and my kids are capable of living an independent life or I've been fired for other reasons.

Had a somewhat eye-opening week on a few levels. In addition to being "fired" (see above paragraph), I prefer to think that the last few blood test results were WRONG and I don't have 130 as a fasting glucose reading. Apparently my doctor believed those labs because she put me in a Diabetes Workshop. Got my meter, my needles and all the rules and regulations about monitoring my meals and glucose. I'm sticking myself 3 times a day. Can't get enough. Funny thing, I'm not getting any bad readings! I always believed that if I beat myself up enough physically (other people took care of the mental beatings), I'd remain strong. Lots of hard work, exercise and good old Eastern European genes would keep me in fighting shape. Either way, it's time look forward.

Getting myself all psyched for a birthday trip to Portland, OR in fall. Tom Rush is in concert there October 9th. Saw him back in the 70s at a place called the Blue River Cafe. Lots of memories. I can feel myself going down the familiar memory lane....again! At least it's a friendly place.

I needed that kick in the ass. Time to move forward. Not dead yet.

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