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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Nature drama

It's all not a bunch of roses when trying to live peacefully with nature.

A few days ago, I was biking on the path that I like to take and was attacked by a red-winged black bird. Just out there minding my own business and it flew at me hitting me in the shoulder and then it lunged at my head. Good thing I had my hair piled up in a bun-like thing on top of my head because I could tell it flew into it.

Later that night, as I was planting my first tomatoes, I realized that an ant colony had taken over a huge section of the garden that I was going to use for tomatoes this year. I was attacked by flying ants, ants crawling all over my legs, hands, arms and into my shoes, socks and up my pants legs. These things were vicious. Next came the other annoying insects that are not ants but some odd form of biting annoyance. They fly onto you and bite until you flick them off. What remains are bloody bite marks. All in all, this makes for a lovely start to my summer look.

And then, this morning, as I was peacefully cutting some flowers for a bouquet, I spied a bunny a few feet from me with an open sore on his back. I don't know if it was dead or dying.

Sometimes nature is not a friend.

But I did manage to get in almost all of my garden yesterday after a rainy morning. I guess the insects were waterlogged because I was only bitten a few times.

After hours and hours of digging, weeding, carrying bags of manure and garden soil, it doesn't even look like I did anything. But at least the foot-tall weeds are gone. Yesterday this was all a muddy mess. Today it looks like we need rain. No wonder I'm sore today. I forgot to take my Advil last night. Darn

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