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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Not very Amish

I'm sure becoming Amish would mean giving up a few things.

And I refuse to apologize for something that brings me such pleasure.
Dishes. Vintage dishes from around the time my house was built....1941.

After adding to my Depression Glass collection at a resale shop on the trip to Amish Country,  I came home to two boxes containing items I won on ebay. Talk about a shopping hangover this morning.....Aye yi yi. I found the three Riviera plates above and the missing green bowl to my set of 1940's Pyrex mixing bowls. Success! Ebay is too easy.

I felt much better about my purchases this morning after washing them and enjoying them while they dried on a linen towel. 

I hate Fuji batteries made in China. Horrible, horrible, horrible. Really? Does it take 12 batteries to take 10 photos?

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