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Saturday, April 28, 2012

An Amish kind'a day

Took a much needed day off yesterday and headed out to an interesting part of Wisconsin...."Amish Country" !
There are several pockets of Amish settlements in Central Wisconsin and I think we hit a good portion of them. Did I mention that I am entertaining becoming Amish? 

 Here we are assembling for our trip. Bob drove and Amy took the "queen's seat" in back while I road shotgun in the passenger seat taking blurry photos and looking out of the window like a big labrador retriever.

Wisconsin....What's not to like?

When the rest of the world is wondering how they are going to produce enough food, those of us who are lucky and live in beautiful Wisconsin will be fat and happy.

It was a beautiful day that was universally perceived as an official day to do your Amish laundry. I pined for my own backyard which did NOT have laundry hanging in it today.

Even the horses look relaxed.

Those guys on horseback and in buggies really can move! We chased this guy and I just got him as he turned the corner. Love the antenna!!

There were often Amish horse travelers coming and going.

We bought some wonderful herbs and flowers, cheese, bakery and wooden spoons.  Even though I have many packets of assorted herb seeds, I wanted instant gratification (not very Amish) and bought some hearty fragrant herbs to get a jump on things.

Ooops, another buggy.

A very big boy.

The color of some of the fields was so rich. I was very jealous. I'm getting there with my own but it is definitely taking awhile. Maybe I should get a small horse to work in my garden which would provide instant fertilizer. It all makes sense....horses in the field = equals good soil without putting bad stuff in it.

OMG~ This is the bridge of death!! How is it even standing there let alone holding up vehicles that drive on it? I'm not entirely convinced that it is safe.

I seem to have an odd fascination with these wind farms that popped up on the horizon. It is an odd juxtaposition of two subjects....nature and technology. 

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