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Monday, October 10, 2011

A slow day...

I decided to enjoy my sick day, if that's possible, by checking the photos in my camera that are a few days old. This cold has been coming on for almost a week. I dismissed it as allergies but about 2 days ago, it became apparent that I was in for a doozie. Sinuses on fire, chest cough, runny nose, hoarseness, exhaustion, coughing fits for no reason, hmmm, sounds like a good time. It sounds like a Theraflu kind'a night. That stuff is quite good. Unfortunately, the weather has been fabulous.....70s and sunny IN OCTOBER! And here I sit in my jammies surrounded by toilet paper and tissues.

A few days ago, I dug out my carrots. That's most of them in the strainer. But above is a photo of each kind that I planted. I tend to avoid the long, thin ones because my soil isn't the best. The best for my conditions are the shorter varieties. Nothing like a fresh carrot. Maybe Theraflu but I didn't have to dig that up.

My latest obsession is trying to work around the limitations -- size and amount of furniture -- in my living room so I can take advantage of a space that opened up when I moved my old computer out of the room. Over the weekend, I enlisted the help of my son who has now moved that rug and couch two times. It's a good thing that he's a problem solver because I had NO idea how to do that. No, I am not in love with covers for chairs, but the upholstery on two of the chairs is a light beige raw silk and I'm trying to keep it in good condition. The family beagle tried to dig through the back of the couch years ago so it's already compromised.

And this is what I ended up doing with it. I know, get a hobby or get a POD!

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