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Saturday, September 24, 2011

all mixed up

I woke up this morning with several tasks to do. My new refrigerator was going to be delivered in the afternoon so I spent the morning clearing a path from the front door (above) through my living room and into the kitchen. But I already had a few projects going so this complicated things. I'm in the middle of reglazing my french windows so all of those supplies were in the rooms and furniture was pushed aside for the priming and painting episodes which, of course, was all set to be done today. Keeping track? We've got priming, clearing a path, pulling out old fridge, cleaning up behind old fridge, stepping around furniture in every room and then let's just go for a 20 mile bike ride after doing two loads of laundry and hanging them outside to dry....for me, a usual weekend....I sometimes like to really beat myself up. It all got done. The fridge is in, the windows are primed, the coolers are emptied and put away, the new fridge is full of limp food, the priming supplies are cleared out, the rooms are somewhat cleaned, the laundry is inside and I got a new inner tube for my rear tire. Let's just leave that story out.

Why this litany of insanity? Sometimes I want to prove to myself that I can still do it all.....even with a lazy thyroid! I can't wait for it to get regulated so I can really get things done. I do not tolerate laziness.

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