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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Some photos from yesterday.

I was washing a few sweaters on a perfect day this week and had some room in the washing machine so I grabbed my go-to winter coat and threw it in. It was either going to be a stroke of genius or a huge blunder. It turned out to be the former. I was very lucky. The coat is maroon and it is now really, really clean!

This is a closeup of my tomato garden. If nothing else, there is plenty of room to walk right through it without stepping on too much.

Here's a view from outside. Amazing that I am able to harvest a dozen let alone enough to make jam and sauce. This is the result of not staking (which WAS intentional) and being hit by weather that fussy tomato plants do not enjoy: cold and wet Junes, scorching Julys and an August that isn't going to be long enough to make up for the other two!

I guess my worries about having gay squash plants can be put aside. I do see some zucchini plants with some zucchinis on the plant! They try to hide from me but I find them eventually.

Here's a summer squash also in hiding.

It is amazing how these things grow.

My favorite shade of yellow.

I started some cosmos this year from seed. It reminds me of the time about 19 years ago when each of my kids chose a package of flower seeds to grow. None of them came up. But my son kept saying the word "cosmos" and I now feel like I have completed that circle. Finally I have those cosmos! And they are so lovely! I'm going to grow them again next year!

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