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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Not enough minutes in the day.

Another day of toiling in the hot sun finishing up that door and lawn mowing. I don't have a new photo of the garden so I decided to take a photo of what I'm looking at and see where I end up if I write about it. If this is any indication of evaluating my goal in life, I think I'm close to achieving it. What I want to do is to have an interesting scene or set, as in theater set, everywhere I look at home. Inside and outside. What I've come to believe is that a person can eat on a cheap plate made in China or you can find a vintage 1920 plate made in England and elevate your toasted cheese sandwich to the level of a gourmet meal. It's all in the details. Why eat on junk when you can go to Goodwill and find a piece of history to eat on for $.99? And that is my philosophy. Why should I look at a rocking chair that has been in my family since the 1920s when I can look at that chair with a mink collar and a leopard skin muff and collar draped over it? The clock that is in the photograph is from my father. He had it cleaned and fixed up for me. It has been wound (even if it chimes at odd times) every day. I have only let it lapse a few times since he gave it to me. My dad would love my little house. It's too bad that I never returned to a state of happiness while he was alive. Darn.

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