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Friday, July 1, 2011

My day off.

A day off and I can't sit still. My roommate/son, Phil, is painting the siding on my house so I decided to help by tackling the front door. It's the original wooden door from 1941 so it has seen a lot of weather. Gads, 1941. Imagine all of those winters. Anyway, I made a supply run to the hardware store to pick up everything from liquid nails (?) to more sandpaper and primer and a bottle of wine. For me, not the door.

It's been 6 weeks of this crazy low carb diet but it's the July 4th weekend! (I think it might be working because my pants almost fell off while painting.)
I'm celebrating. I always celebrate. When I moved into this house 6 years ago, I spent the July 4th weekend digging my first garden in the back and hauling everything I could dig out from my old house to this house and planting it in my side yard. I remember that July 4th. I was EXHAUSTED! It was dark and I was all relaxed after taking my first bath (vs. shower) in probably 20 years and I was enjoying a martini. I could hear and see fireworks from all sides of my house. I was celebrating the freedom of my country and my new life in my little house.

Standing about 30 feet from my Minnesota Orange Blossom tree, I can smell it. I bought this because my daughter lives in Minneapolis. Nothing here at Daisy Farm is without significance.

Here is the door yesterday.

Here is the door today. I never could stay within the lines.

The yard has been successfully "fenced" in from intruders. The Canadian Hemlock on the lower left and another miniature lilac will do the trick. No more visitors. It's not like I'm a hermit or anything, but when I'm out in the yard, I like to be alone with my thoughts. Heck, I like to be alone with or without my thoughts!

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