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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Minneapolis Vacation.

There is a block in Minneapolis, east of Lake Calhoun, that is astounding. While walking Deitz one evening, we came upon a fairy tale. Almost every quaint house had a front yard that was transformed by plants, fountains and sculpture to nearly take your breath away -- especially on an early evening walk after an afternoon rain. I was inspired.

When I stopped an owner to tell her that I loved this block, she was proud and said that "they did it themselves." There were fountains, lush greenery, sculpture, oh my!

My son greeting his "nephew," Deitz (also known as Deiter, Detective and You are the Handsomest Dog I've Ever Seen!). Mr. Detective is very charming. He was a stray from Tennessee. He's one lucky guy. He likes to shake hands a LOT because it usually leads to a treat.

My attempt at a low carb breakfast while on vacation and enjoying a cuban themed cafe. Everyone else had enormous platters of exotic breakfast fare.

The Soap Factory. The gallery that my daughter works in and manages.

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