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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Busy, busy, busy.

I never tire of this view.

Or this view. My love affair with a house.
I mowed last night and always like to enjoy how neat everything looks after but I forgot to look so here it is the next morning. The start of a very busy day in the garden....weeding and planting some very late gladiolas and cilantro, morning glories and more lavender. Can't have too much lavender. That's so when I pull out the bumper crop of bishop's weed, my nimble fingers brush up against the lavender and I forget about that weed from hell!

The morning started with one of Amy's Happy Hen's eggs. Delish!

Assorted colored pepper plants. They grew. Just believe me when I say it....they really are bigger!

Assorted herbs and onions here. I ripped out some old lettuce and cut back the spinach. Look at how neat those wood piles are! My new "roommate" (son, Phil) helped rearrange and sort through the messy pile.

Beets, kale, lettuce, peas and chard.

Zucchini, squash...butternut and summer, beans and carrots.

Tomatoes. Lots of the plants have blossoms. Enjoy the moment.
I finished planting the remaining 2 dozen tomato plants that were still in cups. Instead of tossing them on the compost pile, I put them here and there. Heck, if you've got healthy, food producing plants, you should grow whatever it is that you have. If I should be so lucky as to have an actual bumper crop of tomatoes this year, I'll donate my surplus (from 100 plants, there should be SOME surplus!) to the local food bank. We should all be growing food and not prissy lawn. I have a lot of lawn because I have 1/2+ acres here and only one aging body to do this work! Sometimes it's just easier to fire up the Toro and mow grass. It does provide a nice contrast to the gardens.

Eggplants with thick rows of marigolds around the top and right side. I just threw in the seeds I pulled from last year's marigolds. Tons of seeds. I planted more cilantro in this bed today as long as the eggplants were being stubborn.

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