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Monday, May 9, 2011

The good and the bad.

This is why I was excited to get those seedlings outside. The shelves are down and things are moved around so I have a nice view when I sit at my kitchen table. I want to look at those very expensive replacement windows! Can't wait to open them up. (OK, I need to lose that TV!)

Where did they all go? They were in the garage for the night. This morning before I left for work, I moved them all outside and covered them with plastic sheets. Then it rained. When I got home, I saw that the situation was not good. The weakling seedlings were all bent over under the weight of plastic and water. Only two choices....going back into the house and now the boxes were wet OR figure out a solution using what was on hand -- some plastic shelves, the old kitchen window and other stuff in the garage. It's not pretty but it will do the job if I'm lucky.

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