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Friday, April 22, 2011

March of the vintage chickens.

Closing in on Easter. It's the season of eggs and if you want eggs, you're going to need chickens. Vintage ceramic chickens. It all started with one chicken that I bought as a Christmas gift for my chicken-raising friend, Amy. She has real chickens and real eggs. During the days leading up to our friendly gift exchange, I managed to drop it and broke off the tail. Oh my! (It's the chicken on the far right with the red comb and above the chicken egg cup.) I glued it back together but didn't feel quite right giving a broken chicken as a gift and maybe lying about how I didn't see that crack, so I kept it. As time passed, I got used to it hanging around and soon found a friend (the large chicken above it and slightly to the left.). And that has lead to this odd little collection.

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