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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Those devils!

It doesn't take much to wake up the squirrels. A few days of temps in the 40s last week and they're up, out of their plaid flannel pajamas and on the move looking for the nuts they buried last fall. Unfortunately, I noticed one as he was romping on my snow-covered lawn when I was doing my indoor gardening this morning. I was trying to photograph my geraniums with the bright sun shining on them through the window. That squirrel was headed right for the area that I buried my Italian chestnuts just last fall. The problem here is that **I** buried them and didn't do it so my squirrel friends could have imported chestnuts from Umbria for breakfast on a cold March morning! I DID place bricks on top of the chestnuts which will be removed once the snow melts and I see the first chestnut tree sprouts pushing up.

A day that starts out with chasing squirrels, photographing their prints in the snow before the neighbors have even picked up their newspaper can only get better and better. It will be a simple day marked by recognizing the joy in making a bed, tidying up, doing some laundry and paying bills. Happiness found in simple tasks.

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