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Saturday, January 22, 2011

A view from the inside.

It's a cold Saturday. Some light snow fell last night but it was so light a broom would have been appropriate to remove it from the driveway and steps. But it's sunny! I hate leaving my house when it's cold out because I'm heating my house so I feel like I should be there to enjoy it. And with it being sunny outside, it's cheerful inside. Lately, I've been reflecting on the life of a single person maintaining a home. At times, it's definitely a chore and keeps me busy with either activity or prioritizing what needs to be done. And how would it all get done if I pulled up lame or something? While the peacefulness of not having any stress in the home outweighs my sudden worry about pulling up lame, it's still a concern. It could be that I've been reading one blog in particular: Cold Antler Farm. This person both fascinates and scares me. I'm drawing the line at butchering as a prerequisite of being self-sustaining!

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