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Saturday, June 5, 2010

The French Open

After a couple of good, soaking rains, everything looks so green and healthy and in need of mowing--again.

This is lavender that I grew last year from seed and this year, it's going to flower (why is this underlined???). Very exciting. The lavender, not the underline.

I turned the TV on this morning and my favorite part of summer was going on. The French Open! I don't play tennis but, to me, this just screams: "time to putter around the house" and "we're on our way to summer now."

I love the different greens that plants have. The Russian Kale is very cool and has a whitish look to it and the spinach is a warm, yellow green. I better find something to do with that Russian Kale! It looks like I should be picking some of it soon.

Tomatoes all staked and beans in the front next to squash.

These tomatoes are doing very far. I have a 5-gallon bucket in the garden to wrap the hose around so it doesn't knock over the plants and the tomato plants are as tall as that bucket and a hunk of stone that weighs it down. My fingers are crossed that conditions continue as they have been so these plant remain healthy.

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