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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Early Sunday morning garden check.

It's 8:05 and the watering is finished as is the examination of the garden.

In my usual manner of disorganization and feeling that "less" is NEVER "more," my gardens tend to be a bit on the wild side. I attribute it to having a difficult time saying "no" to anything.

Nearly all of the plants in my garden were moved from my old house and transplanted here. This year, it looks like the peonies are finally having a good year. It has taken them about 5 years to truly establish themselves in their new home.

These trees in the background were also moved here. The one on the right was planted by my father with my kids when they were just tots. I HAD to move THAT one!

At this point, I need still my notebook with the diagrams I made so I can tell what's coming up and what's not!

This is all that's left of the tomatoes. Maybe 35 VERY healthy plants, some eggplants and a flat of lavender which will go in my garden when I make some room.

The end.

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